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------- 随着中国推行改革开放政策,外商来中国投资建厂的非常多,厂房租赁业务也逐渐增多, 大连厂房网 给厂房主介绍一下这种厂房租赁协议的订立格式及英文表达。 The standard fac

------- 随着中国推行改革开放政策,外商来中国投资建厂的非常多,厂房租赁业务也逐渐增多,大连厂房网给厂房主介绍一下这种厂房租赁协议的订立格式及英文表达。

The standard factory premises lease rental agreement of ****** Limited Company of Hangzhou


Lessor (hereinafter called party A) :**********.


Lessee (hereinafter called party B):********


According to Contract Law of PRC and other regulations, the two parties through consultation hereby agree upon,and shall be bound by,the following terms:

第一条 甲方出租的厂房位于杭州******工业园区一号厂房,一至二层及办公用房。

Article 1: The leasing item is the no.1 workshop from the first floor to the second floor and some offices located in******* District of Hangzhou.

第二条 租赁期限共五年。租赁从2007年9月1日至2012年8月30日止。

Article 2: Lease term is five years from September 1, 2007 to August 30, 2012.

第三条 一号厂房一至二层面积共计________平方米。每平方米租金为_______元人民币每年。办公用房共计_______平方米,年租金为__________元人民币。租金合计为 元人民币每年。

Article 3: The area of the no.1 workshop from the first floor to the second floor is _________square meters and the rent of which is_________per square meter every year. The area of offices is_________square meters and the rent of which is ______yuan in RMB.

The above rent adds up to RMB ________yuan a year.

第四条 租金全年共计________ 元人民币,平均每月为_________元。

Article 4: The rent is RMB_______yuan per year and RMB _________yuan per month on average.

第五条 乙方必须按时向甲方缴纳租金,先支付后使用,第一次租金支付方式:本协议签订之日起三日内付一季度租金。

Article 5: Party B should pay rent to party A at the prescribed time before putting into use. The rent of the first three months shall be paid within 3 days from the day on which this agreement is reached.

第六条 其余需租赁的厂房面积按实际使用结算。

Article 6: The rent and other fees of the rest of the factory premises if used are paid according to the actual area which is used.

第七条 乙方用电容量应控制在每平方米_______以内,用水量应控制在 吨/月。在此范围内,乙方按__________元/千瓦/小时按月向甲方缴纳电费,水电费乙方应在每月30日前向甲方缴纳。在此范围以外,乙方承担因超出范围用水、电所产生的一切后果,并赔偿甲方因此造成的损失。如未给甲方造成损失的,则超出部分水电费及罚款乙方按政府有关部门的规定缴纳。乙方使用的电费按国家电价规定每月按实支付给甲方。

Article 7: Power utilization shall be within the electric capacity of ________every square meter, utilization of water should be within ________tons every month. Within the above scope, party B pays the electricity bills every month by the rate of RMB ______ yuan KWH(kilowatt-hour) which shall be paid at the latest on every 30th. Beyond the scope, then party B shall undertake all the responsibilities and make up the loss of party A which is caused by overuse of power and water. If party A suffers no disadvantageous result from it, then party B pays the fines, the charge of water and electricity by the regulations of related government departments. The charge of power that party B pays party A according to the national standard every month is settled to his actual usage.


第八条 相关费用的承担情况

Article 8:Regulations about other fees


Party B undertakes a fee of RMB 1000 yuan monthly for ensuring public security.


The charge of water is settled and paid to the actual usage each month.


Party B pays party A RMB 400 yuan monthly as the fees for the public affairs such as maintenance of the environment and sanitation in party A’s factory as well as landscaping, etc.


In case the workers and staff of party B have meals in party A’s mess hall, the meal cost is settled and paid monthly to the mess hall’s standard.


For the management of industrial park, the related property management department will take the fees of rent, water & electricity and the fees for ensuring public security, etc.

第九条 甲方负责园区内的环境卫生、门卫、保卫及水、电户外设施保养,维修等事务。厂房电梯(货梯)三至四楼使用时应保证乙方租赁的厂房电梯的正常运转。

Article 9: Party A is responsible for the maintenance of environment and sanitization in the industrial park, safeguard, facilities of water, power outside, etc. The elevators in the leasing items shall run smoothly when the people on the third or fourth floors are using them.

第十条 乙方在厂房内安装设备或堆放货物,不得超过楼面设计负载 500 kg/m²。乙方对房屋的使用和装修必须符合消防、环保、治安、防疫等方面的要求,按规定配置设施。租赁期间不得擅自改变房屋的使用性质和结构。乙方对房屋的使用和装修在消防、安全、防疫、环保等方面有特殊要求的,或国家对此有特别规定的,乙方应事先向政府有关部门申报批准,对原厂房进行改造所产生的全部费用由乙方承担。

Article 10: Party B shall not install equipments or pile goods over 500 kilos per square meter in the leasing items. The use and decoration of the house shall comply with the requirements of fire control, environmental protection, public security and epidemic prevention etc. Party B shall not change the usage and construction of the leasing items. If party B has special requirements or the government has special regulations, party B shall first apply for approval from related government departments. If permitted, then all the expenses of reformation or improvement will be undertaken by party B.

第十一条 乙方的财产应参加保险,并做好防盗、保安、防火防灾工作,对乙方因被盗、抢劫及火灾等事故或不可抗力(如地震、洪水等)所产生的任何损失,均由乙方自行承担,与甲方及物业管理公司无涉。

Article 11:Party B should cover insurance for his property, and take proper measures to guard against theft, fire and ensure public security. In case of accidents, robbery, fire, etc or force majeure (like earthquake, flood...etc.), party B undertakes the loss by himself.


第十二条 乙方全权承担所属员工出现的违法违规和其它纠纷责任,当乙方的设备、人员在园区发生损失和事故时,由乙方全权承担处理及损失责任,一律与甲方无涉。

Article 12: Party B shall be responsible for the illegal conducts of his employees and other responsibilities of disputes with other parties. Party B shall undertake all the responsibilities and the loss in case any loss or accidents occur in party B’s industrial park.

第十三条 如因乙方使用不当造成房屋或设施损坏的,乙方应立即负责修复或予以经济赔偿。

Article 13: In case of damage of house and equipment caused by party B, he shall make repairs immediately or bear the compensation accordingly.


Party A shall inform party B in written notice seven days in advance in case he intends to maintain the leasing items or auxiliary facilities, party B should cooperate readily.

第十四条 乙方如需要对房屋进行改造或增扩设备时,应事先征得甲方的书面同意,并按规定向有关部门办理报批手续后,方可进行。

Article 14: If party B intends to carry on reformation of the houses or add equipments, he shall inform party A in advance to get written approval, and apply to the concerning departments before starting the procedure.

第十五条 租赁期内,甲方如需要转让或抵押该房屋,当产权发生变更时,甲方(或新业主)仍要继续执行原合同,具体手续由甲方负责。

Article 15: Within the leasing term, if party A intends to transfer the leasing items or mortgage, Party A (or new owner) shall still continue to carry out this original contract and carry out the related procedures.